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We know that divorce can be difficult and are here to provide you with support in all areas of your life.  Our experts have extensive experience in Pennsylvania Divorce and can help you with the legal, financial and emotional so you can build your post-divorce life.


I need help getting out of an abusive relationship.
  • A Woman’s Place  – a community-based social change organization committed to the empowerment of women and to ending intimate and domestic violence for all.  If you are in an abusive relationship or a victim of domestic violence, please call A Woman’s Place first, then call cBridge  We want you to be safe.

I need to understand what Support will turn into
I need to connect with other people in my situation
  • DivorceCare – go to and look for a group that works for your schedule and location.  A Christian program with a structured 13 week program that focuses on healing.  They also have DivorceCare4Kids – for children ages 5-12 whose parents are going through divorce.  In Bucks County, Doylestown United Methodist Church runs DivorceCare every Monday night at 7pm.

I need a new Social Life

We hear it all the time.  You’re separated or divorced, and all your friends are still married.  Or you’ve moved to a different location. Or most of your old friends took sides with your ex.  Or you just need some single girlfriends (or guy friends) and aren’t quite ready to date yet.  The kids are with their other parent, and the house seems way too quiet – you’ve got to get out of the house! Here are some resources to help you connect with others and start a new Social Life.

  • – there are literally thousands of groups in the area where people who have similar interests get together (for real, face-to-face).  Go to and create a profile with a photo of yourself.  Look for groups that hold events you may be interested in – hiking, biking, music, wine tasting, singles group – whatever.  It’s expected that you’ll be showing up alone your first time, so don’t be shy.

I need a Job / New Career

Divorce is hard enough, but lots of people also need to change jobs or start a new career when going through divorce. Some need a part-time job to make ends meet, some need to go from part-time to full-time, others need to start a new career so they can financially survive after alimony stops.

  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth Workforce Development Service – PA CareerLinkĀ® Bucks County is a free service open to the general public, including but not exclusively for those collecting unemployment benefits in PA.  They provide free services including career coaching, resume updating, interview practice, workshops, and much more.  They also have an on-line job search site with jobs of all levels and types.

    • Website:

    • Main Bucks County Office: 1260 Veterans Highway, Bristol PA 19007. Call 215-781-1073 for info or an appointment.

    • Satellite Bucks County Office: 1 Hillendale Road, Perkasie, PA 18944.  Call 215-758-7735 for info or an appointment.

  • Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT) – Adult Training during the day or evening. Whether you need a full certification or to brushing up your skills for a new job or career, you should definitely check out MBIT.

I need to see the legal status of my Divorce Action

What happens with your divorce is listed on a public web site.  No documents are published, so nobody really knows your business, but every court action is logged.  If you’re waiting for your decree to be finalized, you can usually find out by checking here.

I need to get Financial Aid for my child to go to college after Divorce

Financial Aid is different after divorce (and for some families it’s actually easier). Talk to our Tax Planner and Financial Advisor for more guidance on your situation. Check out this resource for some of the rules:



cBridge support is an organization of professionals dedicated to helping you through your Doylestown, Bucks County and Montgomery County divorce.

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