Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW

As a practicing psychotherapist for almost 30 years, Deirdre Hally Shaffer, LCSW specializes in relationship enhancement, divorce recovery, and life transitions.  A personalized approach is tailored to each client’s needs, addressing issues including grief, PTSD, co-parenting, addiction, anxiety and mood disorders, and communication with a holistic approach. In divorce situations specifically, the myriad of stressors and simultaneous challenges in multiple life areas can be overwhelming. “Will my broken heart ever heal?” “How will I survive financially?” “Will my children be OK?” “Where will I live?” “Where do I even begin with this divorce?” “Will I ever find love again?”

A warm and supportive approach to strategic problem solving regarding emotional, psychological, parenting, relationship, financial, legal, residential, and career challenges begins the process of divorce recovery. You will be given resources to manage stress, assistance with boundary setting, support through the losses associated with divorce, and advice with changing relationships. The goal in therapy will be to minimize anxiety and chaos while working toward contentment and fulfillment as a single person.

Educated at Siena College (BSW) and Rutgers University (MSW), Deirdre has worked with families in crisis, addicted populations, groups, couples, and individuals in hospital based programs and in private practice since 1985. She is a consultant for Alpha Center For Divorce Mediation and has facilitated local separated/divorced church groups. Divorced herself after a 23 year marriage, she understands both personally and professionally the complexities and trauma involved with with divorce. Her private practice is located in Doylestown, PA.

Deirdre Shaffer

Deirdre Hally Shaffer, LCSW is a graduate of Siena College (BSW) and Rutgers University (MSW). With almost 30 years of professional experience woking with individuals and couples in transition, she maintains a private practice in Doylestown PA. Her specialties include relationship enhancement, divorce recovery, anxiety and mood disorders, co-parenting, PTSD, and grief counseling.

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