Here to Help You Through Your Bucks County Divorce

Here to Help You Through Your Bucks County Divorce

When you are going through a divorce in Bucks and Montgomery Counties here in PA there are three areas of the process you need to stay closely focused on at every step:  The legal process, your financial situation, and the emotional upheaval the process brings to your life.

cBridge is here to help you with each aspects of the Bucks County divorce process.

The Legal:  To officially divorce you will need to follow a legal process which ends when a judge signs off on your divorce agreements.  In preparing these documents your divorce attorney will work through distribution of assets, alimony, child support, child custody with you, negotiation with your spouse, and then file the necessary paperwork.

The Financial:  The financial side of your divorce is substantial and intertwined with the legal.  It includes dividing accounts (savings, checking, retirement), as well as tax planning and how you are going to save money in the future.  It is critical to work with a financial advisor and tax accountant early in the process to ensure your best interests are being protected.  Our financial experts can work with you to gather the right documents for divorce, understand the assets you currently hold, and lastly walk you through investing for your future.

The Emotional:  While your divorce may be a good thing the “death” of your marriage will be overwhelming and it will be important to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.  Talking with a therapist, practicing healthy eating, and regularly exercising can help with the transition.  Additionally, if you have children you may be dealing with issues of guilt and your kids may want or need an expert to talk to about the change in your family structure.  Our experts have experience helping each member of your family.

We formed cBridge to help you deal with each and every aspect of your divorce.  Our list of professionals, most of whom have gone through a divorce themselves, can take their area of expertise and your personal circumstances and help you walk into and build a post-divorce life.  We protect you, your children, your legal rights and your financial future.


Jennifer Gardella, PhD is a social media consultant specializing in helping divorce professionals reach their ideal clients. She brings a wealth of experience to her clients as she is a divorced mother of three teenage daughters. A blogger for the Huffington Post, Jennifer enjoys sharing her life including rebuilding a life after divorce, remarriage, step-children, growing her business and establishing a close relationship with her co-parent (ex-husband).

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